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It’s probably about time to put our winter clothes away. Spring is here and it’s a season of rejuvenation and renewal. As we try to get out of our winter blues, sometimes we need a little bit of help. Color is your pill. You can probably tell by now, we are BIG color fans at The High Life.

Spring up your mood and spirit by adding some color to your surroundings. The addition of color in your home decor can bring new life to a room that looks dull or one that’s stuck in winter.

So first things first… If you still have up Christmas/Holiday decorations, it’s time to take them down. Go ahead and pack them away for next winter. (And yes, this does happen… I know of two people who need to do so.)

Here are a few words of wisdom about adding color to your home decor:

1. If you have neutral colors like tan, beige, black, gray, white, add a bright color such as red, yellow or blue. The contrast of the colors should work well together.

2. No more than three different colors and/or two different prints. If it looks messy, then it probably is. There is a thing as too much.

3. Start small. Add a piece here and there until you are comfortable and content with the look. Buying five different colorful pieces for one room can be a lot. You don’t want the color to scream at you. It should flow nicely in the room.

4. If you like to step out of the box, use a statement piece. A statement piece can be a bright colored chair or table. It stands out in the room, but still coordinates with the decor.

I’ve gathered some colorful decor pieces for your inspiration. Have a look…


(Love Pillow & Chair, Pinterest; Yellow Rose Pillow, Etsy; Canopy, Country Living; Yellow Couch, Pinterest; Print Pillow, Etsy)


(Bedding, Kohl’s; Retro Fridge, Pinterest; Kitchen Island, Better Homes and Gardens; Print Pillow, Etsy; Blue Vases, Pinterest; Sweater Pillows*, Better Homes and Gardens)

*The sweater pillows are DIY and a great way to use a sweater you don’t wear anymore.


(Chair, Anthropologie**; Dining Room Chairs, Better Homes and Garden; Print Chair, Target; Tulips & Calla Lilies, Martha Stewart Weddings; Tangerine Plateware, Kohl’s)

**This chair is costly. So if you’re looking for a more economical piece, I suggest going to a thrift store or yard sale and find a nice chair (or set of chairs). Then paint them in the color of your choice.

Happy “Coloring”!!

– G