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Seems like everyone is into do-it-yourself (DIY) projects these days, myself included. They’re inexpensive, fun & allow you to flex your creative muscles. So when I moved into my new apartment, I took one look at the expansive white walls and automatically knew there would be a couple “renovation” projects in my near future.

When I lived in NYC, I had an amazing apartment located in Harlem and part of what made it so awesome & welcoming was the color on the walls. Each room was painted a different hue, helping to bring life to the apartment. Having lived with that type of energy for 3 years, I knew I had to get around to doing the same in my new place. A couple of weeks ago I finally did, and I figured I’d share my DIY livingroom mini-renovation with you guys!

Painting a whole room can be a major commitment, so I went with just an accent wall. Always make sure you have all the materials you need once you’ve decided to paint a room.

That includes brushes of different sizes, a drop cloth for the floor, the infamous blue tape to help you stay within the lines and the paint itself. For the paint I suggest going with an all in one paint and primer, Behr is my personal fav; it helps the color to go on evenly. The colors used for this project were: Behr Stone Fence in eggshell finish, Behr Marmalade in semi-gloss & Martha Living textured paint in Anchor Gray.

Step by step:

I knew an accent wall wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to jazz things up a bit. I grew up listening to oldies, and that made me quite the fan. One day while browsing through my parent’s album collection I decided to come up with the idea of an album art installation to serve as the focal point of the living room. The albums were attached to the wall by using Command poster strips.

On an adjacent wall, which was also expansive, white and bare. I finally got around to hanging a print I purchased from local artist Imani Shanklin Roberts (check out her amazing, original pieces here).

To bring the color out in the picture and to tie it in with the wall I just painted, I created an extended frame using the leftover paint from my living room accent wall, the orange from a bathroom accent wall and textured paint for a little something different.

This project took a couple of hours of work, but in the end it was more than worth it! I got the pop of color I had been longing for and finally was able to breath some life into my apartment!

In need of more inspiration? Check out DIY Network , HGTV , or simply your local Home Depot or HomeGoods store.

~ Dyanna