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I had dinner with some of my girls recently and we were joking about how one of them will have us in green dresses. Although there’s no engagement yet, we already know that green will certainly be in her wedding decor. She has loved the color forever. (Yes, guys… we talk about weddings waaayyy before your proposal.)

There are ways to include your favorite color into your wedding decor without it being overkill. It’s really about a splash of color here & there and making sure it all flows and coordinates well. So in her honor (for letting us poke fun) and her love of green, I’ve put together a wedding inspiration board for the color green.

(Links below provide source of inspiration.)

1. Green Orchid Bouquet from Pinterest

2. Apple Centerpieces (two) with Pink Flowers, Project Wedding

3. Arabelle Bridesmaid Dress in Gallery Green, J. Crew

4. Green Roses and Viburnum Opulus (also known as Snowball), Italian Lakes Wedding

5. Bridesmaid Dress in Forest, Bari Jay

6. Chartreuse or Apple Green Tie from Style Me Pretty

7. Chuck Taylors in Green, Landlocked Bride — I absolutely love weddings in which the guys wear Chucks. It adds character and reveals a bit of personality.

8. Shoes with dainty bow, Geneoh Photography

9. Flower Letters, B&G Photography

10. Hydrangea Table Runner, Emmaline Bride — This is dramatic, yet simple and elegant. The lighting/candles make this warm and inviting. LOVE this!

11. Apple Place Cards, Sarah Rhoads — When I first saw this a while ago, I loved the idea of using apples in the wedding decor. The color of the apples pop. And you are providing a healthy snack to your guests. It’s a win-win.

12. Wedding Cake from The Knot

13. Lime Green Shoes, Rangoli — If you want to wear some color on your wedding day, a great option to do so are shoes. Adding color with shoes helps to incorporate elements that showcase your personality.

14. Green Apple Martini, Drinks for Drinkers Tumblr — Because drinks can be made in any color, having a signature beverage/cocktail is a great way to add your favorite color to the day.

15. Patron Margarita & Mini Fish Tacos, Peter Callahan Catering (Photo Credit: Mel & Co) — Tequila and Tacos… Do I need to say anymore?? LOL!

16. Pear and Hydrangea arrangement, Elizabeth Anne Designs

17. White Tulips, Style Me Pretty — Tulips are a fave flower of mine. They are simple, clean and still had a touch of color.

18. Bridesmaid Dress in Shamrock, Dessy — As you can see, there are a variety of different shades of green. You just have to pick the color of your liking and one that would look good on your bridesmaids.

19. Table Decor with Hydrangeas, Style Me Pretty

20. Another Orchid Bouquet from Pinterest

21. Green Cupcakes with Chocolate Butterflies, Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

22. Another Apple Placecard, B&G Photography

If you are looking for additional wedding inspiration, please visit The Bride’s Cafe. It is one of my favorite wedding sites with tons of great photography, floral arrangements and other important details for the day.

– G